What have we achieved together in 2021?

Dear and dear friends, supporters and observers, the activities of MOST ProTibet also include the publication of various information, news and current events. The news below is among the most joyful.

In 2021, we together managed to provide CZK 6,393,421 to help poor Tibetans.

Where did this beautiful sum bring joy?

Adoption of ProTibet

Our biggest project is Adoption ProTibet, through which we provided CZK 4,912,381. This money was distributed as follows:

Monasteries and nunneries – CZK 1,702,777

Education and quality living conditions of monks and nuns are one of our main priorities. We are very glad that you also care about them. Thank you!

We supported the Diskit monastery school with the amount of CZK 92,225.

We supported the Kowang Girls’ Convent School with the amount of CZK 250,000.

The Komik monastery in Spiti received 404,880 CZK.

We supported the girls’ monastery in the remote Pin Valley with the amount of CZK 180,672.

One of the longest-supported monasteries, Ki, received CZK 565,000 from us.

The personal monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Namgyal in Dharamsala received CZK 210,000.

SOS Tibetan Exiles – 2,541,610 CZK

Tibetan children living in exile villages do not have much. But thanks to your support, they have the possibility of quality studies, fun extracurricular activities, good food, clothes and ever-improving health care. That’s not enough! Thank you!

We supported the Tibetan Homes Foundation, where more than 2,000 children live, with the amount of CZK 2,311,610. Of this, CZK 115,000 went to scholarship programs for further studies.

The Tibetan Children Village in Dharamsala received 230,000 CZK from us.

Seniors – CZK 667,994

We are doing our best to improve the living conditions and peaceful, dignified old age of Tibetan seniors, who often have a very difficult life behind them. Thank you for helping us with this!

We supported seniors in Ladakh with the amount of CZK 140,342.

We supported seniors living in the Home for Seniors under THF near the city of Dehradun with the amount of CZK 435,000.

Seniors in South India received CZK 35,085 from us.

Senior citizens living in Dharamsala received CZK 57,567.

ProTibet development projects

Money from our development projects helps where it is currently most needed. Whether you help us by buying gift certificates, contributions via darujme.cz or in any other way, you deserve a big THANK YOU! We managed to collect CZK 1,481,040.

School ProTibet  – CZK 427,922

Teachers’ salaries, renovation of school premises, textbooks, study materials and other important things are covered thanks to your generous help.

Nomadic children living in the highlands of Ladakh received CZK 40,600 for their three-month study program.

The school in the Tibetan region of Bathang in Tibet received 339,832 CZK from us.

We supported the children at the primary school in Chauntra with the amount of CZK 12,400.

Young female students from a poor farming family received CZK 35,090 as a scholarship for university.

Goat ProTibet – CZK 450,000

The year 2021 was full of challenges for the nomads. Their herds faced harsh winter conditions, but also an unexpected disease epidemic that killed more than 1,000 members of the herds. The situation was saved thanks to your help. We are very happy that you care about preserving the traditional way of life in the mountains. Thank you!

Water ProTibet  – CZK 53,432

Now in its third year, the project focuses primarily on the purchase of high-quality water filters and safe drinking water tanks.

Thanks to your help, we supported the primary school in Chauntra with the amount of CZK 8,432. Water filters were purchased with this money.

Monks from the Komik monastery received CZK 45,000 to buy a washing machine, which makes their lives enormously easier, as well as water filters, thanks to which they have access to better quality drinking water.

Health ProTibet  – CZK 240,751

Prevention and treatment of covid, health care and vaccination against jaundice – these were the most acute problems in 2021. Thanks to you, we were ready for them!

The retirement home in Chauntra received CZK 82,464 from us for the purchase of protective equipment, masks, gloves, oximeters and oxygen to fight covid.

People in Spiti Valley received 70,000 CZK for vaccination and treatment of jaundice.

We sent 77,007 CZK to the nuns from the remote PIN monastery. For this, they bought much-needed glasses and visits to the eye doctor and dentist.

Exile camps in Ladakh received 11,280 CZK for the purchase of disinfection and stands as part of covid-19 disease prevention.

Fuel for the winter – CZK 64,000

Winter in Ladakh brings even -30°C frosts. It doesn’t get much warmer in cottages without heating and these are not ideal conditions for old age. Thanks to your help, seniors in Ladakh can stay hydrated. Thank you!

General gifts

General donations are usually used for the most acute cases of requests for support, or where there is not enough funding from development projects. In 2021, a beautiful 244,935 CZK was sent from them to India.

Seniors in exile camps in Ladakh received CZK 21,256 from us for the purchase of protective equipment, masks and gloves as part of the prevention of covid-19.

We supported the nuns in the Kowang monastery with the amount of CZK 25,000 for the purchase of solar lamps.

We sent 167,343 CZK to the nuns from the remote PIN monastery. They bought an electricity generator to make life and study more easy as possible for them.

The CRO office in Ladakh, which takes care of nomads, seniors and poor families in exile camps, received CZK 12,536 from us for necessary equipment needed for work. And at the same time CZK 18,800 to support the poorest 6 families.

Exile camps in Ladakh received 11,280 CZK for the purchase of disinfection and stands as part of covid-19 disease prevention.

We have accomplished great and beautiful things. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of it!

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