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Direct sponsorship is major project for czech and slovak donors. Together we are supporting education of tibetan children, improving the livelyhood of tibetan elders and nomadic families and destitutes.

There is more than 500 beneficiaries supported by this project and more that 3 million CZK provided annualy toward the goal areas. We are visiting all beneficiaries annualy to provide the best possible feedback towards our donors.

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Where we help

See where we help in the Indian Himalayas.

  • Ladakh – Exile Camps

    Ladakh – Exile Camps

    Tibetan exile villages in Ladakh in the area called Tibetan Settlement Sonamling have been involved in the Adoption project since 2008. Thanks to donors, the poorest seniors and poor families deep in the mountains are supported.

  • Chauntra – Old People´s Home

    Chauntra – Old People´s Home

    The Tibetan Elderly Home in Chauntra near Dharamsala is one of the homes we have been working with for many years. They fall under the Social Affairs Department of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

  • Bylakuppe – Old People ´s Home

    Bylakuppe – Old People ´s Home

    A home for the elderly Tibetans in South India in the Bylakuppe area is under the administration of the government-in-exile. The home has the capacity to care for 40 seniors.

  • Namgyal Tantric College- Dharamsala

    Namgyal Tantric College- Dharamsala

    Namgyal Convent School is part of the important JS Dalai Lama Monastery in Dharamsala. The monastery was founded and inaugurated in 2017 very close to the residence of JS Dalai Lama. We have been supporting him since 2016.

  • Changtang plateau

    Changtang plateau

    The Changtang is a vast Tibetan Plateau that stretches between northern and western Tibet, reaching as far as southeastern India's Ladakh. Communities of nomads mainly live here.

  • Tibetan Children Village SOS vesnička – Tibetské děti

    Tibetan Children Village SOS vesnička – Tibetské děti

    TCV is the largest network of exile villages for Tibetan children across India. In addition to modern teaching, they also provide accommodation and preserve the cultural identity of Tibetan children.

  • Tibetan Homes Foundation – OPH

    Tibetan Homes Foundation – OPH

    The Tibetan Exile Village in Mussoorie near Dehradun also promotes a dignified quality of life for Tibetan seniors who fled in the 1960s along with HH the Dalai Lama.

  • Ki monastery – Spiti Valley

    Ki monastery – Spiti Valley

    The monumental Ki Monastery is located at an altitude of 4,166 m above the Spiti River in the Himachal Pradesh region. It is the most breathtaking gem in the Spiti Valley due to its arrangement on a rocky hill. We have been supporting it since 2008.

  • Komik monastery – Spiti Valley

    Komik monastery – Spiti Valley

    The Komik Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries founded in the Spiti Valley and is located at an altitude of 4,587 m above sea level. We have been supporting the local monastery school in the lower capital of Kaza since 2008.

  • Kowang nunnery – Spiti valley

    Kowang nunnery – Spiti valley

    In the heart of the Himalayas in the Spiti Valley at an altitude of 3,600 m above sea level opposite the capital Kaza, we have been supporting the education of a group of 30 Buddhist nuns from the Sakya lineage since 2006.

  • Diskit monastery – Nubra Valley

    Diskit monastery – Nubra Valley

    Diskit Monastery forms a dominant feature of the northern vast Nubra Valley in Ladakh, India. The monastery is situated on a rock and below it is a 32 meter tall statue of Maitreya Buddha. We support the local monastery school.

  • Tibetan Homes Foundation SOS village – children

    Tibetan Homes Foundation SOS village – children

    THF has been providing asylum to Tibetan refugees, children and the elderly for over 60 years and acts as an important nest and root of contemporary Tibetan culture in Indian exile.

  • Pin nunnery

    Pin nunnery

    The weak institutional and financial background of Buddhist nuns resulted in the "Daughters of the Buddha" project in 2016. Project support is dedicated to the remote Himalayan valley of Pin.

  • Manali – E-Wam Shedra Rangri Buddhist Insitute

    Manali – E-Wam Shedra Rangri Buddhist Insitute

    The inconspicuous Rangri Monastery near the town of Manali is a real oasis and a transition between tropical India and the Himalayas. Monks come here from the Komik Monastery in Spiti and study very diligently.

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