Prayers fying to the donors

According to the Tibetan lunar calendar, prayer flags with their specific colors, symbolizing the 5 elements and 5 types of wisdom, are hung among Buddhists on astronomically favorable days. They mostly contain good wishes and mantras.



Now we directed our prayers to you as well.

Our friends, the monks from the Ki monastery, who are involved in the Adoption ProTibet project in the number of dozens, constantly say prayers for us all beings. Every time we visit them in the summer and go to the same peak to hang flags, we can write the names of those we wish only the best for, our family, friends and teachers.

In the prayers, it is said that our obstacles are created by our own ignorance. They express the desire for our innate wisdom to manifest itself to its full potential so that we can be at peace and bless ourselves and others. We think that we are on the right track together with you:

May peace pravail!

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