How do nuns from Kowang prosper?

How do nuns from Kowang prosper?

We have been supporting the nuns from Kowang Monastery for many years. They recently wrote to us about how they spent the winter, how they are and what’s new with them.

Hello dear sponsors,
it’s been a long time since we wrote to you. We hope that you and your families are healthy. And we hope that 2023 will be great for you. We are having a great time.
We have been out of Spiti since the beginning of winter. We spent two months (November and December) in Bodhgaya learning from our root guru and also His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We are grateful to have been able to participate. But at the end of December, something happened that affected us all. One of our highest gurus passed away, we were very sad.
Then we moved to Varanasi, where we stayed until the end of March.
As for our studies, we have almost finished studying the mandala and now we are returning to the study of Buddhist philosophy, which we missed after these few months. Everyone is happy.
We have a new Khenpa (teacher) and it is quite interesting to learn from a new person again. He is only 36, from Spiti like us and very experienced. He teaches us English, he himself studied it in the USA for a few years. He is now an interpreter and also teaches locals and foreigners.

This year we have only one new member, she is a 7-year-old girl and at the same time the youngest in the convent. Being the youngest, everyone hugs her a lot.

We are grateful for the new generator that allows us to be in the monastery even when the weather is cold and bad. We are also sending you a few photos.

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