ProTibet Donors to India

ProTibet Donors to India

After six years, we are opening a call for donors and supporters to go with the MOST team to projects in India. This event will gradually gain contours, but we will add information on this link.

Our director Jana would guide you through Ladakh and Gabriela will accompany you to Spiti. Expected departure to both destinations is the end of May/beginning of June and return after the second half of June 2024.

In the meantime, you can fill out the preliminary interest form, on the basis of which we will communicate with the registered group in January. Some of you have already filled it in, thank you!

In January, we would hold a joint online call with Jana and Gabriela, where we can agree on everything and you can ask questions. We buy tickets together. We will set a date soon after the new year for mandatory registration and purchase of tickets, we will arrange everything on Zoom online. We will hopefully have the pricing sooner, but we assume that the amount will exceed 40,000.

If you are already interested in possibly recommended vaccinations, we are sending a link to the study. Recommended for hepatitis, typhoid, meningococcus, rabies.

The itinerary is preliminary, it can be shortened or changed by two days, and the content can be flexible. We will have a fixed form during January.

Itineráře - výjezd pro dárce 2024

We look forward to an adventure together!

Sign up in the form and we will contact you at the beginning of the year.

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Mgr. Gabriela Šmídová

Mgr. Gabriela Šmídová

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