Clean water, half of the health – Spiti

Clean water, half of the health – Spiti

The Little Lamas of Kaza, the monks of Rangri Monastery and the nuns of Kowang Nunnery. What unites them? They all fall under the Sakya Buddhist tradition, hail from Spiti, and have recently been plagued by the same problem. Bad digestion, frequent viruses and the common denominator, insufficiently treated water.

All three monasteries use cheap, low-quality water filters for which they travel all the way to Chandigarh. They cannot be found in Manali or in the Spiti Valley. They work for a while, everyone is healthy and happy, but after two or three months the filters get clogged and stop working. With this comes indigestion and various diseases. The monasteries have to raise money for more filters and spend two days in a car on the way to Chandigarh. And so on and on.

Monks and nuns need to build a built-in quality water filter that will last for years and above all, work. High-quality, potable water and its sufficient intake is the absolute basis of health.

One filter costs about 60,000 CZK, we need three. Join the Water ProTibet project and improve someone’s life. Thank you

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