Earthquake in Ladakh – humanitarian aid

In the summer of 2010, our staff coordinated humanitarian aid following the devastating floods in Ladakh. Ambassadors J.S. CZK 132,000 was handed over to the Dalai Lama, and the most effective rapid assistance was provided in cooperation with him.

Floods in Ladakh

Several meters of mudslides flooded the villages around Leh town and mud brick houses dissolved, many people lost their lives as well as their homes. In cooperation with the German organization Tara Trust, we started a two-month “public kitchen” project that provided 280 people with meals 3 times a day. These were the most affected families with children who lost their homes and were evacuated to tents.

As part of the humanitarian aid, a generator for pumping water, gas bombs, light bulbs and wires were purchased and a public toilet was built. Tibetans without any help were also supported with direct financial donations and the removal of toxic waste and the cleaning of access roads was ensured. Long-term humanitarian assistance in these affected areas continued in the following months.

Earthquake in Yushu Tibet Autonomous Region

In 2010, in cooperation with the British organization Tibet Foundation, I was involved in humanitarian aid after a catastrophic earthquake in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu. We handed over 190,089 CZK to help the Tibetans. The funds were used in three stages – in April woolen blankets for disabled people and clothes for children were purchased, in June necessary food items such as barley flour, butter and tea were delivered and in August medicines for the Tibetan Prefectural Hospital were delivered.

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