The Kunsel School means “Light Clearing the Darkness of Ignorance”, was founded in 2014 in the village of Demul.

How did the school come about?

Due to the long winter and impassable driveway, the village remains completely cut off from the outside world for many months. The local community decided to educate their children during the winter months in a modest building donated to them by a local resident.

The school is not big, there is a classroom in one room, and thanks to the support, it was possible to adapt the second room as a classroom for older children. The classrooms where the children learn are still without benches, chairs and are modestly equipped. There are mats on the ground so that the children don’t get cold, and tin stones in the middle. Educational posters hang on the walls. Thanks to community self-help, it was possible to get the school up and running. For the children, there are four female teachers and the head male teacher, and one male cook cooks for them.

However, it is not easy to find quality teachers who would be able to teach at school for the whole year, children also need briefcases, notebooks and textbooks, a hot lunch and tea.

What was achieved:

2016 – the school is accredited to teach pupils up to 5th grade.

2017 – we contributed CZK 55,000 to schools (teachers’ salaries, minor repairs) and equipment for children.

2018 – support for the school in the amount of CZK 103,000

Who supports the school?

In India, the school is mainly supported by local women who, thanks to the sale of woolen shawls, contributed to the establishment and running of the school. The school is organized by the Sapan Foundation in cooperation with our organization

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