Winter tuition 2022

Winter tuition 2022

All children should have access to quality education. That’s our password. But studying in winter is not possible for the small nomads from the Changtang region high in the Himalayas. Moreover, the vast majority of their parents are illiterate, so practicing at home is out of the question.

Therefore, for many years, together with the Swiss foundation Amma-la, we have been supporting winter education for almost 160 children aged 6-16. The school is divided into several classes, according to age and level of education. They learn together in small, easy-to-assemble wooden houses with plastic roofs and small stoves inside. The children have stationery, textbooks and notebooks, food and hot tea. Support also covers teachers’ salaries.

During the summer visit, the director Karma Khetup also asked us for money for a new generator and projector, which will help to improve the quality of teaching. Together, we managed to buy both for CZK 22,915. Another CZK 45,879 covers school supplies, teachers’ salaries and food for children.

Together, we contributed CZK 68,794 to the little nomads.

The winter school started on 18/12/2022 and will last until March. During this period, children improve in Tibetan, mathematics and other important subjects. But above all, and this is what Director Karma emphasizes every time we communicate: “Education is a tool that breaks the vicious circle of poverty and ruin.” He gives a chance. Thank you for that.”

Thank you very much for your support. You can find out what it looks like in the winter school from the video and photos below the article.

How does it look like in the school?

How does it look like in the school?

The winter nomadic school "Winter Tuition" is small, mobile, warm and has great teachers. In it, little nomads learn to read, write and count and thus get a chance to break generations of poverty. Let's give them a choice!


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