Scholarships for higher studies – THF students

Scholarships for higher studies – THF students

Supporting the follow-up studies of young students is extremely important. Tibetan Homes Foundation supports 290 students in colleges across India. This year there will be 80-90 new ones. The average tuition fee of one student for one year is CZK 20,000. Let’s help them!

With their results, they stand on the top ranks in the state of Uttarakhand. Annually, 150 of them graduate from THF and apply for other higher professional studies and leading Indian universities. Those who are lucky enough to have a sponsor achieve amazing results and, most importantly, return to their communities to give back what was given to them, the support.

Tibetan Homes Foundation is a school where we would like to study. It is full of passionate and hard-working teachers, purposeful and practical equipment and, last but not least, a great group of children and young people. The education is really at a high level, which is only confirmed by the students’ results in national exams. In recent years, the school has an almost 100% success rate.

It works quite similarly to our education. Children graduate from primary school, where they learn in Tibetan until the 5th grade. From the 6th grade, all subjects switch to English. Up to the 9th grade, education is general and the same for all. From the 10th grade, young students choose between three fields – natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology…), humanitarian sciences (psychology, sociology, languages, philosophy…) and business (economics, accounting, marketing, management…). They continue to profile themselves in their chosen field for two years and finish their entire studies at THF with a national exam, similar to our high school diploma.

The school leaves smart, educated and diligent young people who could and should continue their studies at universities. But they don’t have money for that. THF continues to try to support them, but the finances from which they run their entire operation are not enough for them.

Miss Choelsum Lhamo. A student of THF in Mussoorie and a recipient of the prestigious Gadehn Phodrang award, which she won for best results in examinations. She also received a medical scholarship with the award.

Amazing dentist Mr. Kelsang Tsering, Graduate of THF Mussoorie and also Medical University of Delhi. The doctor is an orphan, he was very poor as a child and he owes where he is today to his diligence, hard work and also the support of foreign donors, thanks to which he was able to study medicine.

Young people who could be trained as doctors, nurses, engineers, programmers or even biologists prefer to go to a two-year course of auxiliary power in a hospital, because studying medicine is expensive and, unfortunately, unattainable in the given situation. And that’s a huge shame!

Let’s change that. Join the ProTibet School and support the further education of wonderful young people.

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