Mr. Dhondup’s head surgery

Mr. Dhondup’s head surgery

Monsoon India – July 2023
In the north of the country, the rains cause massive landslides that block roads and paralyze entire areas.
The government-in-exile – Tibetan Health Department – are asking us for immediate assistance in the medical emergency and accident of a Tibetan man from the state of Karnataka.

Mr. Tsering Dhondup is 49 years old. He lives in the Tibetan settlement of Mugod in Camp No. 5. He and his wife separated in 2021, and since then he has been taking care of one of his daughters. The other lives with her mother.

His only source of income is the winter petty trades in Ooty. He has no parents, but he has one younger sister who is also quite poor. Together and separately, they live with their sister’s family in a house that was supported by the local office with financial support for the purchase of concrete, so that they at least have some background.

Due to the monsoon weather, Mr. Tsering’s bike slipped on a slippery road in the rain recently. His head was seriously injured and he was immediately hospitalized at the nearest hospital in Ooty. He underwent one head surgery which cost him more than 500,000 rupees. All his savings were spent on treatment. Doctors have to perform one more head surgery, which will be just as expensive, but Mr. Dhondup’s family has already run out of money and has nowhere to pay for the operation. He has a badly injured lower jaw and bleeding on the brain. The first operation is over, but a second, very complicated operation must be performed. His condition is very serious.

Postponing the operation will endanger the patient’s life.

Thanks to the Rodina ProTibet fund, our organization has paid half of the amount and now we are collecting the second part to immediately send it to the government in exile – the Department of Health. We will also meet them as part of our summer visit to Dharamsala.

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