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Each shopping via portal GIVT can have an impact on the needy people. Install this gate to your PC and automatically your shoping will have generous aspect too. 

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Shop ProTibet

Original goods from Tibetans for your enjoyment. We offer products to complement the comfort of your meditation, the wisdom of the library, the beauty of the interior, bright fashion, unusual jewelry, Ayurvedic cosmetics and Asian spices.

Tsampa Pema

Tsampa Pema

Tsampa is every inch a superfood. It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and betaglucan. Compared to other cereals, it also has the lowest glycemic index and less gluten.

Whoever tastes it will fall in love with it.

Ing. Jana Ďásková Neboráková

Ing. Jana Ďásková Neboráková

Chief Executive Officer

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