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We build an environment for mutual sharing of human values. We support the basic needs of Tibetan individuals and communities in exile in the Indian Himalayas. We help to maintain the national identity and cultural wealth of Tibet.

Donating improves the lives of Tibetans. It creates future opportunities for children and contributes to dignified living conditions for Tibetan seniors and families in poverty.


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Direct sponsorship is major project for czech and slovak donors. Together we are supporting education of tibetan children, improving the livelyhood of tibetan elders and nomadic families and destitutes.

  • Dry autumn comes much earlier in the Himalayas than here. Tibetan seniors living in the Ladakh region do not have sufficient funds or ability to provide enough heating for the winter. Let's support them to have enough warmth in the harsh Himalayan winter.
  • Health is the most important thing, which is why we have been supporting medical care for thousands of children and seniors since 2014. We finance medical examinations, medical devices, first aid kits, dental care, preventive examinations, vaccinations and even heart transplants and surgeries.
  • One of our most important goals is to support the education of Tibetan children from various regions of the Indian Himalayas. Increasing literacy expands future possibilities and is a prevention against poverty or undesirable life circumstances. The project has touched the lives of thousands of Tibetan children.
  • Preserving the tradition of nomads is our long-term project. Herdsmen on the highlands live in the harshest living conditions. They are completely dependent on their herds. They often die in extreme winter frosts. We support herds - we support nomads.
  • We care about children. Instead of jaundice and diarrheal diseases, we prefer to see joy and laughter in them. Let's make sure that safe, clean water can be drunk at any time.
  • The autumn of life is a very challenging period. It is rich if a person has a family around him, his existence background is provided and he is not troubled by too many health problems. The project provides small-scale support in several areas of need for Tibetan seniors in homes or in exile camps.
  • The daily diet of Tibetan children includes lentils with rice, noodles, or warm soup. Routine eating can lead to insufficient physical development of children and adolescents. We would like to at least enable the children to have a more varied diet and a sufficient supply of nutrients.

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